FLASHBAND is a unique, armored, aluminium self adhesive sealing strip with hundreds of uses around the house and garden. Developed primarily for the professional builder, it has proved so effective and easy to use that it has now been made available in handy packs to the ‘Do-it-Yourselfer’ who can achieve the same h1ghly professional finish to sealing and flashing work, simply and efficiently.

WHERE TO USE FLASHBAND Metal box and valley gutters, down-pipes, galvanised Iron overlaps, asbestos sheeting overlaps, window frames, protruding pipes through roof, cement box gutters, flashing to parapet wills, chimneys, pipe vents and flashings In general, ridging and capping, under window sills, under eaves’ sealing of roofing screws, boat leeks, and In virtually any other areas. FLASHBAND consists of an aluminium-facing strip backed with a new and improved pressure-sensitive sealing compound. A special siliconised release paper that must be removed before use protects this compound. Once applied FLASHBAND can be left to face all weather conditions without further attention.

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